Welcome to Koa Aloha Boards

The creators at Koa Aloha Boards have a passion for paddle boarding, surfing and water sports. We understand and created boards that are strong, durable, light-weight, fun and maneuverable in all kinds of conditions. Whether you are paddle surfing or enjoying a workout on a lake, Koa Aloha paddle boards will exceed your expectations.

Paddle boarding was invented in the beautiful, majestic Hawaiian Islands. Koa Aloha Boards understands and respects this and we would like to explain the meaning behind our name.

First of all, “Koa” is a Hawaiian word with a number of meanings. One meaning is warrior or soldier. Another meaning for Koa is bravery, courage, or fearlessness.
Koa is also the name of a native tree, which is one of the largest trees in the Hawaiian forests. Koa wood is highly valued. It was once used for surf boards or canoes, but today there are too few large trees to do such projects, so it is now used for furniture, bowls, jewelry, and ukuleles.

The word “Aloha” is used as a greeting as well as to communicate love. It also has a much deeper meaning. As many know, central to the Hawaiian culture is the Aloha Spirit. This is basically, a commitment to treat oneself, others, and nature with kindness, respect and love.

So there you have it. We want you to be strong, courageous, and adventurous while paddle boarding on a Koa Aloha board. We hope that while on our boards, you will remember to take the aloha spirit with you and treat yourself, others, the ocean, and nature with love and respect.


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